Yikes – Awkward! That’s why I’m doing this…

Don’t you just hate being the first guest at a party?

The host is still busy making final preparations but is trying to make you feel at home at the same time.

“Can I do anything to help?”, you ask.

“No, no. I just have to put the finishing touches on the casserole. Just relax. I’ll be with you in a minute.”, she replies before rushing off with a look of panic on her face, glancing at her watch as she goes.

You’ve just settled yourself on the sofa when dread of dreads her teenage kid who clearly doesn’t want to be there slumps into the room. You know a major bribe or threat has just taken place and they were told to “Get in there and keep her company until I’m ready!”. Now you have to make small talk. ARG!

When are the other guests coming? I knew I should have waited in the car until I saw others go in.”, you say to yourself as you politely smile at the teen, wondering which came first, the pierced lip, eyebrow or…no, don’t go there. 

Being first to a party is awkward.

Being first in a new business group can much harder!

Business networking scares the pants off of me! Add ‘awkward’ to that and you’ll find me hiding out in the ladies room (or trying to make a break for it all together).

I don’t EVER want you to feel that way.

That’s why rather than admitting people into The Gentle Earth Business Network Community as they approach me with their interest, I’m waiting until I can open the door to a group of you so you can all enter at once and begin getting to know each other. 

Doesn’t that sound like much more fun?!

What’s The Gentle Earth Business Network Community all about?

It’s a members-only private Facebook group especially designed for socially-conscious and green business owners.

It’s a place to come together in a supportive environment to help each other accelerate our business successes so that through our own individual businesses, we can collectively make a greater positive difference in the world much faster than we could ever manage on our own.

It’s a safe place to share because only the members of the group see the conversations happening within the group.

Only the members are privy to the magic that can happen when we come together for a common good.

“But Carolin, you said business networking scares the pants off you? How is this different?”

I don’t know about you, but the word “networking” has the power to increase my blood pressure and upset my stomach.

I cringe at the thought of walking into a room with people dressed in suits and answering the question “So, what do you do?”

Do you feel the same? (Sorry if I just made your heart race.)

But if I were to just meet these same people at the farmer’s market or local coffee shop and had a chance to just casually chat one-on-one, I’d have no problem talking to them. In fact, they’d have a hard time getting me to stop talking about my work. I’d also be curious to learn about them and what they do too.

We’d probably stay in touch for years and refer people to each other all the time.

Why? Because we made a connection on a heart level, not a stiff logical this-is-serious-business head level.

My goal for The Gentle Earth Business Network Community is to help you build your business from your heart – after all, that’s where your business idea originated. 

I want you to connect with people who care about what you’re doing as much as you do.

I want you to come to this community with your shield of outward business perfection lowered a bit.

I want you to come with a willingness to be seen, heard, respected and encouraged.

I want you to offer support and encouragement to others in the group so they too can benefit from the gifts you bring to the group.

Think of The Gentle Earth Business Network Community as a place to come to “heart-work”, not network.

It’s our virtual coffee shop. It’s the water cooler where you can pop over anytime and chat with others who are hanging out ready for refreshment. 

That’s the kind of business group I’m happy to take part in – no hiding or ducking out required.

Does that sound like the kind of business group you’d like to hang out in?

Remember…this is The Gentle Earth Business Network.

Those who are attracted to this group are heart-centred individuals looking for honest, trustworthy connection with the goal of creating a better world – the same as you are. 

Many gentle earth entrepreneurs are introverts with a mission that is bigger than themselves.

Many are activists at heart who have decided to take things into their own hands and shift the way a business model looks because they know it can be done.

Many believe that from grass-roots, the strongest trees spring forth.

The Gentle Earth Business Network Community was created for you.

Join now and become a Founding Member.

As a Founding Member, you will lock in the ridiculously low membership fee of $20 CDN per quarter AND if you apply before June 1st, 2017, you will get your first 3 months free. There is no obligation to stay for any length of time.

As I said, I won’t open the doors until I get a group of you ready to enter at once. (I’m not sure yet what that number will be, but I’ll know when it feels right

This means that your 3 free months won’t begin until the group opens up. No sitting on the couch waiting for the other guests to arrive.

Join The Gentle Earth Business Network Community and discover just how much you really can change the world. 

Find all the details and the application form here.


If you had a supportive community behind you, where would your business be this time next year? Share below.


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