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Businesses are unique in many ways yet we often share the same business challenges.

Gentle earth businesses, however, have even more challenges to overcome with regulations, finding like-minded suppliers, and attracting loyal customers who believe in their mission and support their work.

Each episode of this podcast will feature a different change-making business.  

Listen, learn & be inspired.

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You’ll hear about:

     ◊ their unique business or service.

     ◊ how they found their niche and are making it work.

     ◊ obstacles faced as their business grew.

     ◊ what’s distinctive in their business model

     ◊ their vision for their business, their life and our world.

Hear how their collective work is impacting people around the globe. 

Learn how they're making it work. 

Get ideas for your own business model.

Find businesses you'd be proud to support.   

Bonus! Interviewees receive a plan

 for how, when and where 

to promote their interview!

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If your business... 

  • shifts consumer thought from "What does my money get me?" to "How does my purchase benefit someone else?"
  • incorporates and promotes fairtrade practices
  • helps the environment and/or helps us live with a smaller environmental footprint

...then I'd love to interview you!

Be inspired by people who are making it their business 

to make a positive difference. 

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