Let’s Get This Party Started!


That’s right. Interest is building for The Gentle Earth Business Network Community.

“What’s that?”, you ask.

It’s the members-only private Facebook group where socially-conscious and green business owners will be gathering to learn from and support each other as they grow their already change-making businesses into You-Ain’t-Seen-Nothin’-Yet Make-A-Greater-Difference-Faster change-making businesses! 

Yeah, that’s all.

It’s not like other Facebook groups or social media channels where you have to show up looking like you’ve got it all together.

This is a closed group, which means only the members of the group can see what is being posted.

That means it’s a safe place to ask for support from other entrepreneurs who are also growing businesses that make the world a better place.

As change-preneurs, we all know that *our* work takes extra gumption and fortitude. We are the eternal optimists. We have a bigger brighter picture for our world. And quite frankly, that kind of commitment and energy can be hard to maintain.

In this group, you can…

Come with your doubts that what you’re doing is actually working.
Bring your worries that you’re not sure how you can keep up the momentum.
Come with questions about what your next steps should be.

It’s also a place where you can…

Field your ideas for expansion or change of direction.
Test your marketing copy and see if it’s landing properly.
Ask others about regulation challenges you’re facing and how they met compliance.
Get a boost of ‘you’re not alone’ and ‘we’re here for you’ camaraderie.

What you’ll be met with are people who truly understand what it’s like to run a change-making business.

You’ll get heartfelt honest been-there-done-that advice, guidance and friendship that will help you continue to grow your business to the next level.

It’s also a place to share your achievements because that’s what will keep your energy up and excite you to keep moving forward.

There are not many places in social media where you can brag unabashedly and be cheered and celebrated for doing so.

In our Community, we Welcome your achievements and celebrations!

We will all be excited for you because your success means we, as a collective of do-gooders and the world at large, just got a big win too.

You are among friends here.

What’s shared in this group stays in this group.

It is a safe place to share, support and grow your business while helping others do the same.

We’re in here for the greater good.

We are here to help each other create businesses that profit ourselves AND the world.

People, Planet, Profit ACCELERATED – Oh Yeah!

As a Community member, you will find like-minded colleagues who are supportive, have been right where you are, and who have ideas and suggestions for how you can keep moving your business forward to get you to the next level of your vision.

In this group, you’ll make connections with people you may never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise, from anywhere in the world.

You never know what can come from creating connections.

Personally, I have been in business groups where I have not only made great business connections, but I’ve also made truly wonderful friends who have been there for me in my personal journey too.

I believe that we meet the people when we are meant to meet them. Each connection brings us something that we need at precisely the moment we need it.

Who is in this group that you are meant to meet?
What are they meant to bring you?
What are you meant to offer them?

What lesson or growth opportunity will you cheat yourself of if you don’t join the group?

The Gentle Earth Business Network is a safe supportive community of change-makers ready to make a greater difference faster…because we have no more time to lose.

Join now and become a Founding Member.

As a Founding Member, you will lock in the ridiculously low quarterly membership fee of $20 CDN per quarter AND if you apply before June 1st, 2017, you will also get your first 3 months free. There is no obligation to stay for any length of time.

Try us out. If the group doesn’t meet your expectations, you can leave before the free period ends and it won’t have cost you a penny.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Our Community is growing. We’re waiting for you. 

Find out all the details here: The Gentle Earth Business Network Community


How do you feel a supportive community could help you reach your goals? Share below.

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