How Is This Perfect When The World Is Such A Mess?

A year ago today, I launched The Gentle Earth Business Network.

I almost didn’t.

After all, the U.S. election had just taken place. (Nov. 2016)

I thought, “What’s the use? Every recent environmental win is going to be overturned.”

I felt dejected, defeated and deflated.

But then I reached into the heart of why I wanted to create this business in the first place.

I realized that the timing for this network had NEVER been more perfect.

Every day since, there has been something in the news that unfortunately supports that statement.

If we’re EVER going to live in the kind of world we would like to see, NOW is the perfect time to step up and do something about it.

And we are.

YOU are!

There’s been a shift in the consciousness of society.

More of us are looking for gentler ways to live on this planet.

We’re supporting

organic farmers
renewable energy
fairtrade shops
ethical fashion
environmental products

We’re looking for ways to be kinder to ourselves and others.

We’re rethinking how we do and react to everything.

We KNOW that business can be profitable while still doing good in the world.

And more and more entrepreneurs are proving it.

You’re one of them.

For that, I say Thank You!

As I celebrate this important milestone in my business, I raise my glass to YOU, Brave One.

You, who have envisioned a better world and are willing to do all you can to play a role in its betterment.

You, who are making it your business to prove it can be done.

As you venture forth on your journey, my hope is that The Gentle Earth Business Network becomes the portal through which you connect with others from around the globe who have also taken up the gauntlet.

A means for you to accelerate your effectiveness so you can make a greater difference faster.

A place to pick the brains of other business owners and glean from their varied experiences.

An at-your-fingertips supportive community where you can ask your questions, brainstorm your next actions, and create powerful collaborations.

How is this perfect?

Because never before have we needed this network more.

I created this network to support those who have accepted the challenge and donned the moniker of Change-Maker.

I created this network for YOU.

And as of TODAY, I’m removing the fee!

That’s right. The private Facebook community, where all the magic and conversations take place, is FREE!

Why? Because I believe it’s imperative that change-preneurs have the opportunity to have these important business-transforming conversations.

We all need businesses like yours to succeed faster and I don’t want any barriers like a monthly fee getting in the way.

Join us as we forge ahead and continue to be the change we want to see in the world.

Because if we don’t, who will?

Ready to join a private community of change-preneurs and make a greater difference faster? 
Join us today. 

Want more info on the Gentle Earth Business Network? Go here.

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