Guess who just walked in and changed my life?

There I was, sitting at my local coffee shop, the chatter of the other patrons melding with the occasional loud hiss of the espresso steamer.  I watched as customers came and went while my laptop sat open in front of me, the blank document taunting me to write something – anything.  I was waiting for inspiration.

I had come here for a change of scenery; I wasn’t getting anywhere in my home office either.

I didn’t know it then but what I was looking for, I would never be able to find here, at home or on my own, yet everything I needed was precisely what this coffee shopped offered me.

I needed a place that provided refreshment and a chance to casually meet people and strike up conversations.

A place that allowed space to work on my latest project but when I needed nourishment, I could ask whomever was working that day to help me.

A place that offered consistency because I knew I’d see the same people there and over time, we’d get to know one another.

A place that offered choice – did I want something sweet for a bit of fun or to celebrate – or did I need something more filling because I was running on empty and needed sustenance?

This was exactly what I was looking for…except I needed it specifically for my business.

What I was looking for was a coffee shop filled with entrepreneurs who I knew could help me when I needed it, and to whom I could offer support in return.

What kind of business people would I be looking for?

My business helps heart-centred and mission-driven entrepreneurs; would I get the help I needed by joining a group filled with accountants, lawyers and dentists? To some extent, maybe, but when I wanted help knowing if my latest offer was appealing to environmentally-minded business owners, would they really know? No, I needed a group of like-minded entrepreneurs – ones who see things the same way I do and who are as committed as I am to making a positive difference in the world.

Having a change-making business requires a lot of optimistic support.

Would I get that in a group where people don’t understand that sort of commitment? I need to know I’m not doing this tough work alone. I needed a group where I could chat with others who also have the same ideals as me. By talking with them, I would stay motivated and inspired to continue my work because I could see how they’re making a difference through their own work.

I needed a group where I could get inspiration and suggestions for ways that I could shape my business.

I needed a group where I could run my ideas past people who may have already tried something similar to see how it worked for them and what they learned which would shave oodles of time and money off trying something that isn’t viable; or it could help accelerate my success by leap-frogging over the same mistakes they made.

I needed a mastermind group made up of change-making entrepreneurs.

I needed a group where people are happy to share their advice because they know that the more each change-making business succeeds, the more we all succeed.

Where was *this* coffee shop? Where could I go to find all that I needed?

I looked and couldn’t find it – so I created it. It’s called The Gentle Earth Business Network. It is a wonderful global community of socially-conscious and green-business entrepreneurs. It’s our private online virtual coffee shop that members can access 24/7 from anywhere in the world. 

The members are all hard-working, very helpful and supportive. We all believe in a better world and are working hard to bring our skills and experiences to the table to help each other make a greater difference faster.

Imagine who might walk in next and help change how you do your change-making business. 

…For someone else, that person may very well be YOU.

Want to join me there? The coffee is always just how you like it, and the refreshment and nourishment you’ll receive are like no-where else.

Find out more here.


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