The Consumer Site

Connecting Businesses With Buyers

Imagine a global hub where consumers from around the world looking to support gentle earth sustainable businesses can find just what they’re looking for.

          No more wasted hours of searching.

          All in one convenient place.

          Sort by type of business, location or products.

Voila! They’ve found you!

With a link directly to your site, they’ll be ordering from you in no time.

As we grow our community and list of businesses, the stronger our consumer appeal will be.

Customers will trust that The Gentle Earth Business Network website is THE best and easiest place to find sustainable, earth-friendly, socially-conscious, ethical and green products and services.

We will stand for sustainability, quality, integrity, honesty…on a global scale.

We will be the name people trust.

The Gentle Earth Business Network Consumer Resource website will be a great marketing opportunity for you, and a one-stop gentle-earth-shop for customers.

It’s a win-win!

The Gentle Earth Business Network Consumer Resource

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