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This community is here to boost, push and encourage each other every step of the way offering advice and solutions in respectful, supportive and encouraging conversations. And when needed, tough love and hand-holding occurs too. 

Warning: The side-effect of being a member of this group may be that you'll develop lasting and meaningful friendships with some of the most caring people you will ever meet! Consider yourself warned. 

Here's what you get:

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  • membership to a private Facebook group where you can show up authentically everyday
  • opportunity to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs you may never meet anywhere else
  • ability to brainstorm and mastermind with other passionate change-makers
  • support, advice, guidance and encouragement from others who want you to succeed
  • chance to pre-test your marketing copy and get help perfecting your messaging
  • opportunity to create collaborations and find JV affiliates 
  • opportunity to move your business forward
  • ability to make a greater difference faster

When you want help re-jigging your sales pages, elevator pitches, brochures etc., I can offer you professional assistance, within reason. I am happy to offer copy and writing advise, suggestions, can't-help-myself tweaks and quick revisions. For larger projects though, we'll have a conversation when I'm wearing my Joyful Scribe hat. 

As an entrepreneur, I understand the challenges you face in the day-to-day "doings" of your business. I'm in the trenches with you ready to support you in every way that I can. 

I'm also your host for this community. 

I'll be in the group every weekday starting conversations, answering questions, offering advice, and gently poking people if they've been quiet for awhile. (Don't want you to feel unloved!)

I have a LOT of plans for future developments for this group - told ya, always looking to improve things - but know that I created this group for YOU. I am always open to your suggestions for how I can meet what you are looking for. 

Who Am I? 

What do I bring to the table?

Hello! My name is Carolin Rathbun.  I'm the Founder of The Gentle Earth Business Network. If you want to know my full story go here. But here's the jump-to-it bottom-line... 

I'm a connector, a bright-side looker, a constant how-can-I-improve-this what's-the-next-step striver.

I too have a heart-centred business , other than this one.  I'm a copy writer. I specialize in helping heart-centred and mission-driven business owners connect their message with their mission. (You can find out more about that work here.) 

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