A Community Of 


You're A Heart-Centred Mission-Driven Solution-Finding Entrepreneur 

The Gentle Earth Business Network is a community of change-makers

who believe that by supporting each other's growth, we will create 

a world of good.

You have a vision for change and are driven to succeed but often have questions and challenges.

Don't you wish you could get advice, support and guidance from other change-preneurs each and every time a problem arises?

Think of it like an online mastermind group.  

It’s a place where you can:

You committed to making a difference. 

Imagine what you could do 

with the support of entrepreneurs 

who are just as driven as you.

  • meet interesting entrepreneurs with a variety of skills, backgrounds and businesses
  • quickly get your business questions answered
  • receive support and advice
  • brainstorm ideas
  • test your marketing copy before wasting a lot time or spending any money 
  • create collaborations
  • share your challenges and your celebrations
  • move your business forward so you can make a greater difference in the world

In order to reach your potential, you need a place where you can share honestly

...your ups, your downs, your challenges and your celebrations, without the worry of public opinion or having to appear like you have it all together when sometimes you simply don't. 

That's why this is a private members-only Facebook group

No-one but the members can see or respond to anything that is shared in the group.  

You will get your questions answered and have the chance to pay-it-forward by supporting other members too, all with the mindset of furthering our collective world-changing work! 

Is yours a gentle earth business?

A gentle earth business might...

Heart Drives Your Business Plan

Passion Fuels Your Bottom Line

  • shift consumer thought from "What does my money get me?" to "How does my purchase benefit someone else?"

  • incorporate and promote fair trade practices 

  • help the environment and/or help us live with a smaller environmental footprint

  • supply natural & organic food and products

  • provide services to change-makers so they can continue to do more good

The overarching philosophy of The Gentle Earth Business Network is that as a group, we are grounded in the positive mindset that we are all working toward a better home for our global family through businesses that support a healthy planet and healthy people.

We’re a group of business owners who, like you, believe that a profitable business can be humane, sustainable, and attainable while staying in alignment with our environmental and social values.

We believe it because we’re doing it!

This is a group where positivity prevails.

We all face struggles and set-backs as our businesses take root and grow in our world. While you are welcome and encouraged in this group to share those frustrations with your peers, this is not a place for organizing activism.

The Philosophy

This is NOT a place for you to be pitching and hard-selling your wares or services and trying to drum up business with others in the group. 

This is NOT a place to organize protests or share petitions. 

This is NOT a "networking" group - as in feeling like you have to be "on" and "together".

This is a relaxed forum where you can come as you are, with your struggles, questions and challenges, knowing you will not be judged but rather supported and encouraged.

What the Gentle Earth Business Network is NOT:

While collaborations are encouraged, they should come naturally with the mutual benefit of all involved. It's the difference between forcing connection and allowing connections to flourish naturally. 

Each week, there is an opportunity to share what you are working on. This gives us each a chance to learn more about each other's businesses and support each other in any way that feels right.  

Like-minded business owners will keep you focussed, grounded, motivated and optimistic which is imperative if you really want to reach your goals! 

It all begins in conversation, collaboration, mutual respect and an outlook for the greater good.

In a word: Community

Your business started as a seed. It needs constant nourishing if it is to grow to your highest vision.

It's time to ACCELERATE your impact!

"I'm really busy already. How much of a time commitment will this group be?"

That's entirely up to you.  Some people will find they use the group a lot, some only a little. 

There may be times when you need more support than other times so your participation may ebb and flow. 

It's all okay and it's all good. 

We're here for each other as needed. That's the foundation of a community.

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How does it work?

In this collective quest, 

we’ll escalate our individual impacts 

& make a greater difference faster.

How will you feel a year from now if you are still in the same place?

There is no better time than now to be the change you want to see in the world. 

The Gentle Earth Business Network is a safe, nurturing and encouraging place 

to grow your world-changing business to its highest value and purpose.